As of today we now have CGI hazard perception clips rather than the filmed clips that were being used. The reason for this change is that the DVSA says while the filmed clips were still relevant “the image quality wasn’t as clear or defined as modern technology allows”.

The new clips will still show the same situations as the old versions but they’ve been updated to look clearer on the screen. The new CGI hazard perception clips also include updated vehicles, roads and surroundings.

Before introducing the new clips the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) ran a trial to ensure that learner drivers could use them without any problems. This trial was carried out with the University of Nottingham’s Accident Research Unit. Candidates who watched the new introduction clip were more likely to spot the developing hazards.

Future development of the CGI hazard perception clips

With the introduction of the new clips the DVSA are hoping that future clips will be able to show situations with vulnerable road users – like children, cyclists and motorcyclists – without risk.

Watch the below video to see an example of how the new CGI hazard peception clips look and get an introduction of how the test works.