Today the driving licence counterpart ends

As of today the driving licence counterpart ends, this is the paper part of the licence that accompanies the photocard. The driving licence counterpart has now been replaced by an online service.

The counterpart was used to show details such as the category of vehicles that you are allowed to drive and any penalty points or driving endorsements that you may have.

If you currently hold a paper counterpart then it can be destroyed. It no longer has any legal status. You should make sure that you keep the photocard part of the licence.

Paper driving licences

If you have one of the old-style paper driving licences, the style of driving licence issued before 1998, then you must make sure you keep it as it remains valid. If you have to update the details on your paper driving licence, like your name and address, then you will be issued with a photocard licence.

Why have they got rid of the driving licence counterpart?

They are getting rid of the driving licence counterpart as part of a government Red Tape Challenge consultation. The Red Tape Challenge is part of a government effort to change how services work and to provide savings to the taxpayer.

Theory tests and driving tests

You no longer need to take your paper counterpart to either your theory test or your driving test but you must still take along your photocard or the old-style paper driving licence. If you don’t take your driving licence then this will result in your test being cancelled. If your test is cancelled for this reason then you’ll have to pay again to take another one.

Viewing your driving licence details

You can view your driving licence details by going to the government website. This will show you what vehicles you are allowed to drive and any penalty points you may have. It will also allow you to share some of these details with someone, for example your driving instructor, so that they can check your licence.