In a recent blog post the DVSA have apologised for the increase in driving test delays. The DVSA have given three reasons as to why the driving test waiting times have increased:

  • the economic recovery – more people are taking driving lessons again
  • more examiners have been retiring
  • there has been a surge in people in their 20s taking tests, after leaving it longer to learn to drive

More people taking their driving test

Part of the reason given for these driving test delays is there has been an increase in the number of people taking their driving test. In January and March of this year 407,000 driving tests were carried out. This figure is up 5.2% on the same period last year.

Recruitment of new examiners

Due to the fact that a number of examiners were approaching retirement age the DVSA began searching for and recruiting new examiners in October 2014, with another running in March this year. A further recruitment process is set for October.

Looking forward

The DVSA will be:

  • monitoring waiting times and future demands
  • making sure driving examiners are working in the areas they’re needed the most
  • training more examiners in other test categories to meet local needs better
  • changing local working patterns to improve service
  • encouraging examiners to work additional hours in order to provide more tests