Structured Lessons

Vehicle Knowledge


Your driving lessons will be done in a new manual Ford Fiesta Titanium. You will learn about the controls of the car as well as how to perform basic maintenance of the car, like checking the tyres, the oil level and the brake fluid.

Highway Code

Traffic Lights

It’s important that you understand road signs, road markings and what is required to comply with the laws of the road. And learn to be considerate of other road users, allowing you to be a safer driver on the road.

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You will learn all the manoeuvres that are required for the driving test, as well as the turn in the road and reversing round a corner. Learning manoeuvres will help your control of the car and help improve your observational skills.

Road Safety

Stop Sign

The aim is to teach pupils safe driving skills for life. To encourage them to observe, evaluate and act appropriately for situations they may find themselves in on the road, enabling them to have a lifetime of safe and confident motoring.

Theory Test Preperation

Correct Answers

To help you prepare for the theory test you will be given FREE access to Theory Test Pro while you are having driving lessons. This will help you prepare for both the multiple choice and the hazard perception parts of the theory test.

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Driving Test Preperation

Driving licence

You will be prepared for the driving test by making sure that you understand the format of the driving test. Your preparation for the driving test will also include mock tests to give you the best chance of passing first time.

Student Feedback
Super chill man who alway kept situations calm and controlled, while also being very supportive. I fully recommend his lessons, always guaranteed a nice chat and of course quality teaching - every week. He got me a pass first time! Excellent stuff.
John was always really calm and helpful, he made me feel extremely comfortable and able to ask questions when I felt unsure about something. I would recommend 2 hour lessons to anyone learning to drive as you get so much more experience and practice! I would, and have recommended John to friends and family.
John is a great instructor and helped me pass my test first time with only 3 minors! Highly recommend.
Great experience learning with John.
John was an excellent instructor. He always gave constructive advice and I would recommend him to any prospective drivers. 5 STARS!!!