What the tax disc changes means for you

As of today with the new tax disc changes you will no longer need to display the paper tax disc on your car. If you have a paper tax disc with some months left to run you can now take it off your windscreen and throw it away, your tax will still remain valid up to the expiry date at which point you’ll need to renew it. You’ll get a reminder in the post to telling you how to renew and how much it will cost for your vehicle. All vehicles will now be recorded on a database by the DVLA.

Do I still need to pay vehicle tax?

Yes, even with the tax disc changes you still need to pay your vehicle tax as all vehicles will now be recorded on a database by the DVLA. This database will be checked by both the police and the DVLA to make sure your payments are kept up to date. Your vehicle will be checked with Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras along the roadside and cross-referenced against the database of vehicles that have been taxed.

If I sell my car what happens?

If you’re selling your car you can no longer sell it with the tax included. You now need to let the DVLA know that you’re selling the car and they’ll give you a refund for any full months left. This means that even if you’re only one day in to the month you won’t receive a refund for that month.

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If I’m buying a car how do the tax disc changes affect me?

When you buy a used car the tax will no longer transfer to you as the new owner. You now need to tax the vehicle yourself. You can do this when you register as the new owner of the vehicle. It can be done online at the DVLA website or you can call 0300 123 4321 and do it over the phone.

What about tax exempt vehicles?

If your vehicle is tax exempt then you still don’t need to pay anything though you will need to register your vehicle every year with the DVLA. This can be done via their website.

Do I need to do anything if I go abroad?

No, the government have informed the European Union that this change is happening. So although many European countries require some form of tax disc they should be aware that due to our tax disc changes UK registered vehicles will no longer be doing so.

You can read more about the changes on the government website.