Terms and Conditions

  1. Drive-On Driver Training will provide a professional training service as outlined in the DVSA driving instructor code of practice. Any complaints or disputes will be responded to as per the guidelines set out in the DVSA driving instructor code of practice.
  2. You, the pupil, must promptly make clearly known, to your Drive-On instructor, any medical condition or other effect that may impair your ability to drive, whereupon your instructor will take the appropriate action to conform to any legal or moral obligations.
  3. The pupil must be in possession of a signed UK provisional driving licence for Group B cars during their training and this licence must be presented for validation at the pupil’s first lesson.
  4. Lessons will be made with a minimum duration of 1 hour. Lessons can be extended by 30 minute intervals at a pro rata cost.
  5. Drive-On Driver Training instructors will at all times endeavour to comply with appointment arrangements but cannot be held responsible for postponements or cancellations due to traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown , instructor ill health, instructor personal injury or any other cause outside the direct control of Drive-On Driver Training.
  6. If a delay in the start of the lesson should occur then the instructor will attempt to contact the pupil to make alternative arrangements. Where possible the end time of the lesson will be adjusted to provide the pupil with the full duration of the booked lesson. Where this is not possible the time lost will be credited to the pupil and added to the next mutually agreed lesson.
  7. All cancellations by the pupil must be made 48 hours prior to the booked appointment. If the cancellation is made within 48 hours then a short notice cancellation charge, to the value of the booked lesson, will still be payable. Any outstanding fees must be paid before any further lessons are taken.
  8. Lesson payments should be made at the beginning of the lesson. Block booking payments must be made in advance of the first pre-paid lesson. Drive-On Driver Training will accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Cheques should be accompanied by a cheque guarantee card and should be made payable to the instructor.
  9. You may cancel your pre-paid tuition and if you have not taken any lessons you will be provided with a full refund. Refunds of any partial block booking will be refunded on a pro rata basis of any lessons not taken. Refunds are not available on 2 for 1 offers where a lesson has been taken. Pre-paid tuition must be taken within 6 months of receipt of the lesson fees. No refund will be given for lessons not taken within this 6 month period.
  10. Pre-paid tuition is not transferable to another pupil.
  11. Drive-On Driver Training reserves the right to refuse training to any pupil considered to be unfit to drive due to the influence of either alcohol or drugs. In such circumstances a short notice cancellation charge will still be payable by the pupil.
  12. For safety and legal reasons the pupil should not use their mobile phone while driving and are advised that their mobile phone should be switched off while driving. The instructor will not use their mobile phone while providing training to the pupil.
  13. If the pupil wishes to use the car supplied by Drive-On Driver Training for their practical driving test then a 2 hour session must be booked. This session will include a 1 hour practice session prior to the test and will also cover the duration of the test. The booking of the training car will be subject to availability.
  14. Drive-On Driver Training will not be responsible for any refusal by a DVSA examiner to conduct a test due to mechanical issues or breakdown and/or failure of light bulbs or tyres on the supplied car.
  15. Drive-On Driver Training will not be responsible for any test fees or lesson fees due to cancellations or postponements made by the DVSA. The pupil may make claims for the loss of such fees to the DVSA. The pupil is responsible for making any claims against the DVSA.
  16. Drive-On Driver Training reserves the right to withhold the use of the training car for any type of test or assessment if it is likely to jeopardise the good name of either party.
  17. Drive-On Driver Training will not be held responsible for damage or marking to clothing as a result of coming into contact with areas of the vehicle subject to road dirt, brake dust, mechanical oils or grease when undertaking the Show Me/Tell Me section of the training or during the practical test.
  18. Drive-On Driver Training reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.
  19. Drive-On Driver Training is committed to supplying a high standard of structured tuition and welcomes any constructive comments regarding the service you receive.